Knaresborough Town v Trojans 18/09/2021



Knaresborough Town 0-4 Trojans



We went infront in the 6th minute with a chipped pass from Mitchell Langton and cross from Charlie Bell which was met by Declan Howe who made a run across the keeper to the near post, stabbing the ball over him from close range.

You’ll have to spend a long time digging through the archives to find a more comfortable Staveley Miners Welfare half and hour than this but it was still only 1-0 and with pretty much their first attack Knaresboroughs Mark Simpson (who we know about from his prolific Garforth Town days) raced through on goal with Will Eades in close attention jinked right then left to set up a shooting chance which he scuffed wide with Luke Chadwick off his line to narrow the angle. So we were still in front but the “celebration” at the miss was bittersweet as in trying to block the shot we lost Will Eades from the defence to a pretty serious looking injury.

Sam Kay added yet another entry to his list of position played for us by moving from the centre of midfield to the centre of defence for the rest of the game and to be fair looked liked hed played there for years. Matty Parkin replaced him in midfield.

Our complete dominance was rewarded five or so minutes before halftime when Charlie Bell found Declan Howe who was bundled to the floor with everyone of a Trojan persuasion screaming for a penalty the coolest two in the ground were Charlie Bell who instead of arguing with the official just picked up the loose ball and found Tomas Poole who passed it home from about 12 yards out!… Great play from those pair, playing to the whistle as you should and an even better advantage ref. 😉

Two great saves from Luke Chadwick, first: staying big making the Knaresborough striker bearing down on him make the decision on where to put the ball which he hit straight at our number one and the second with help from captain Mitchell Langton and Charlie Oglesby being brave in a goal line scramble with boots flying everywhere eventually winning a free kick meant we preserved our two goal lead at the break.

The second half continued in much the same way as the first, dominating possession and creating numerous chances but where in the first half it was Charlie Bell offered the freedom of Knaresborough down the right hand side, this 45 it was Brandon Webster on the left with enough time and space to turn a super tanker and most of our second half chances came from that left handside one of which involved Webster finding Rob Worrall whose clipped cross saw Charlie Bell get just underneath it giving a covering defender the opportunity to head clear.

Webster was unlucky not to score himself midway through the half after a good run by Declan Howe down the byline he received the ball just outside the left hand angle of the 6 yard box but aiming for the top corner just leaned back a bit to much and he hit it just over, and not long after he fired a ball across the box which just eluded Declan Howe who would’ve only needed to waft his bootlaces at it to score…
He would score again though with 6 minutes left he raced clear and clipped the ball over the onrushing Knaresborough ‘keeper Jamie Hassall only to see it hit the crossbar but rather than admire his initial shot he was already following it up and flicked it into the empty net, for 3-0.

Two minutes later we racked up our fourth and final goal of the afternoon following a shot on the edge of the area from… Brandon Webster which required every bit of Jamie Hassells goalkeeping ability to keep out, not leaving enough of it spare to put it safe however and Myron Gibbons stuck in the rebound!

FT:Knaresborough Town 0-4 Trojans

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