If you like a lot of  observations on stuff that happens on the pitch that generally has no bearing on what will happen in the next game you watch then this is the spot for you…

Top Goal Scorers  – 2017-2018

  • Top Goalscorers 2017-2018 - final table
TotalLeague NCEL League CupSheffield CupFa VaseFa Cup
Adam Baskerville131111
Kurtis Morley12111
Tyla Bell7511
Adam Lee523
Joe Pugh55
Robson Doolan44
Josh Schofield33
Andrew McCreadie22
Jack Turnbull22
Liam Nelthorpe211
Callum Mawbey11
Callum Lytham11
Charlie Oglesby11
Josh Barker11
Josh Madin11
Ash Rawson11
Liam Greenfield11
Tom Ellis11
Matt Robinson11

Who Got Us the Points?…2017-2018

Of course football is a team game and every player contributes to the teams points tally throughout the season,  this however aims to nail down exactly who made the telling contribution to the teams points tally…which at first does sound a little bit more complicated it actually is….(idea taken from

  • In a draw. The player who scores the goal that secures a draw (our first in a 1-1 draw, our second in a 2-2 draw etc) is determined as having earned us that point; or the defence* in the case of a 0-0 draw.
  • In a win. The player who scores the goal that made sure we got a draw (our first in a 2-1 or 3-1 win, our second in a 3-2 or 4-2 win) gets one point or the defence in the case of a two nil win.
  • The player who scores the winner (the second in a 2-1 or a 3-1 win etc) gets two points (as he turned a draw into a win).

*defensive points are shared between the ‘keeper and the back four in the event of a defensive substitution the points will be split between the 2 players involved.

  • Who Got us the Points? 2017-2018 - final table
PlayerTeam Points Won
Kurtis Morley6
Joe Pugh5
Adam Baskerville5
Tyla Bell4
Adam Lee4
Josh Schofield3
Robson Doolan3
Callum Mawbey2.4
Liam Nelthorpe2.4
Ricky Hanson1.8
Matty Leese1.4
Andrew McCreadie1.3
Charlie Oglesby1.2
Connor Williamson1.2
Callum Lytham1
Ash Rawson1
Josh Madin0.9
Tom Ellis0.6
Rob Darkin0.4
Lewis Naylor0.4
Liam Vardy0.3
Josh Barker0.2
Gareth Briggs0.2
Jack Turnbull0.2
Matt Robinson0.1

Meaningful Goals…2017-2018

this aims to find the player whose goals made the most telling contribution to our season. The game changers if you like…. And the key thing to remember in this is WHEN the goals were scored regardless of the final result. But what is a “meaningful” goal?

So goals that;

  • Give us a lead will earn the player two points, regardless of the final result.
  •  Put us level will get a point.
  •  Give us a two goal cushion will get half a point, as will a goal that reduces the deficit to  a single goal.
  • Put us three (or more) goals to the good will be considered as just the icing on the cake and won’t be rewarded, similarly goals that bring us to within two (or more) goals of the opposition will be considered as mere consolations and hence also not credited.
  • NB:cup goals count also
  • Meaningful Goals? 2017-2018 - final table
Adam Baskerville14.5453
Kurtis Morley14.5525
Tyla Bell10412
Adam Lee941
Joseph Pugh5.5211
Robson Doolan521
Josh Schofield3.5111
Andrew McCreadie2.511
Liam Nelthorpe2.511
Josh Barker21
Ash Rawson21
Liam Greenfield21
Tom Ellis21
Callum Lytham11
Josh Madin11
Callum Mawbey0.51
Charlie Oglesby0.51
Jack Turnbull0.51

Fantasy Football – 2017-2018 Final Table

In this our players win or lose points based on what they do on the pitch….(scored as follows) – Starting Eleven+ 2(points), Sub appearance +1, Goal Scored (GK & Def) +7 (Mid) + 6 (Str) + 5, Goal Assist +3, Clean Sheet (GK) +7 (Def) +5, Penalty Save +5, Penalty Miss -3, 2+ Goals Conceded -1, Own Goal -2, Yellow Card -1, Red Card – 3, Man of the Match +5  (as per

Many thanks to First Team assistant Manager Paul Ward for compiling this and well done to Kurtis Morley who takes the title!

  • Trojans Fantasy Football 2017-2018 - final table
ADAM LUND5014660-9-230149
MYLES WRIGHT50845-9130
MICHAEL BURKE3066066-115122
MATTY PARKIN2851814925-15103
JON FROGGATT3214012-2588
JOE PUGH227553-3-2587
TOMAS POOLE***2825211084
MARK DUDLEY32640-4-1578
SAM FINLAW4211218-51078
ROBSON DOOLAN403612-11575
BRAD JONES26330-3-155
PAT LINDLEY24566-21554
GARY MUNDY142330-346
JORDAN CLAXTON1841210-5-138
MORGAN JAMES***2429-134
ISHMAIL DAWSON***83715-4-227
JORDAN SLACK***105-2-112
SAM KAY225-45


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