Trojans v Loughborough University – Fa Cup Extra Preliminary Round 7th August 2021





The visitors got this Fa Cup Extra Preliminary Round tie underway, like lots of teams launching it straight out of play down their right hand side looking for Kieran Smith who had absolutely no chance of collecting it, why teams do that I’ll never know as it just hands possession over to your opponent, this time in the shape of a throwin to us…

…we used it to great effect which eventually led to Pat Lindley bustling his way through before winning a freekick in a dangerous position, centrally on the edge of the box because he was denied the chance to run through by a tug from William Mycroft-Edwards. Mitch Langton took the kick and just looped past the left hand post as we look at it.
Our great start to the game continued when mitch Langton pounced on a bit of sloppy play in midfield and firt time with the outside of his boot spun the ball through the visiting defence for Declan Howe to run onto, unfortunately a brilliant sliding tackle came in from George Ward to deny him an opportunity to strike on goal…

Myron Gibbons was next to try his luck when.. Will Eades found Matty Parkin our on the right whose excellent first touch both controlled it and shifted it past left back Matthew Bowman opening up enough space for him to spot Gibbons run then lofted a pass into him.. Gibbons did the rest with another excellent first touch to turn it inside the last defender and create a shooting angle but in the end he shot wide of the far post..

More chances came and went either through shooting wide or not quite making the right run here and there when well placed but we’d had enough opportunities in the first twenty minutes to have already but that same old adage of needing to score whilst on top came back to bit us just before half time when anothere one of those chances a blocked strike from Matty Parkin led to a goal kick which was flicked on in midfield by tope Fadahunsi to Toungsong Lee who’d got the wrong side of our defence and as Rio Alberry in goal came out to meet it it bounced perfectly for lee allowing him to loft it over our advancing ‘keeper and into the net, for the halftime lead.

HT: Staveley MW 0 –1 Loughborough Uni

Five minutes into the second half a Kian Tanlsey flicked header on wasn’t dealt with properly by Loughboroughs Olli Parsons allowing Myron Gibbons to run onto and strike the ball low past visitng ‘keeper Ben Whiting to restore parity.

Staveley MW 1—1 Loughborough Uni

Just past the hour we had very good chance to take the lead Kian Tansleys teasing inswinging freekick went right across that sweet spot between the six yard box and penalty area often called no mans land which was appropriate in this case because no man went for it but it was put back in at the far post before it went out of play and fell to Pat Lindley two yards out to poke towards goal but unfortunately Ben Whiting in goal was in exactly the same spot and he was able to block and gather. So unlucky.

Loughborough we guilty of missing chances to and their best since the first goal saw Ethan O’Toole, who wont get a better chance all season, spoon wide with the goal wide open after a brilliant initial save from Rio Alberry from a strike from Toungsong Lee who was found by a though ball from Tope Fadahunsi.

They would get a second goal though..ten minutes from Toungsong Lee ran down the left hand side turned then passed to left back Matthew Bowman, he advanced into the penalty area, shifted the ball onto his right foot and unleashed a stunning effort which curled into the far corner of goal giving Alberry absolutely no chance.

Staveley MW 1— 2 Loughborough University

We did muster a response with Kian Tansley hitting the crossbar from a freekick the best of our attacks but we were unable to find that crucial goal that would’ve at least got us a deserved replay.

FT: Staveley 1—2 Loughborough Uni

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